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I loved the two books before this one (Iron King, Iron Daughter), but I think I like this one the best. That seems impossible, because I was fairly certain that the series could not get better. But Julie Kagawa has surprised me before, and her third book - The Iron Queen - exceeded my expectations. I loved how the characters didn't change - they were still the ones I know and love. Ash is much less cold without the influence of the Winter Court, and we get to know him better as a person (*swoon*). Puck was still the joking prankster - the guy that made me laugh during some of the darker scenes. I really loved how Kagawa settled the love triangle. Truthfully, I'm not a big fan of those. I think Meghan's and Puck's kiss in the Iron Daughter was more of a rebound thing, and that she was just really hurt and confused. She would have always chose Ash. I never really doubted that in my mind. And I like how Puck came to terms with that in the end, settling for just being the best friend. I also thought it was interesting, in the end of the book, when Puck commented that Meghan was always happiest with Ash, and that, by helping them get back together, he might right the wrong of Ariella's death. I also really liked how Meghan grew as a character in the series. In the Iron King, she was mostly just a typical sixteen year old girl, but by the Iron Queen, she was a totally different person; one who knows how to make decisions, when she needs to hold on and when she needs to let go. And I loved all the new characters, Glitch and the other "friendly" Iron fey. Grimalkin was around again, which made me happy <3. I love his sarcasm and his "I am a cat" explanation for everything. The ending of this book . . . is sad. Well, to me it is. I mean, I understand why what happened had to happen. And I was mostly okay with the outcome...I just hope Ash and Meghan can be together again in the Iron Knight. I can't WAIT for the Iron Knight. I'll be counting down the days until it is released. 

Overall, I love this book! 

PS. Did anyone else wonder where Tiantia went in the book after we first saw her? I mean, she was introduced once, but after that it was all Mab and Oberon....maybe I just missed where she went. *shrug*