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I've been looking forward to Game since last year after I finished I Hunt Killers; for a while, it didn't look like it was going to have a sequel, so when I found out it was, I was beyond excited. I love the covers of this series; they're so fitting, and if you take off the jackets, the actual books have blood spatters on them. The font and the dice, just awesome. Although . . . maybe the dead guy shouldn't be holding the dice? The victims aren't the ones who play, after all. 

I guess I'll start off with the things I disliked about the book (which, admittedly, isn't much). I understand that it's probably really unrealistic to think that the NYPD would rely so heavily on a seventeen year old boy, as I've seen pointed out multiple times already. But hey, if it didn't happen we wouldn't have much of a story, right? It was just one of those things I knew, but didn't care about because I was enjoying it so much. 

The other thing was Connie. I loved how we got to spend some time with her, with lots of chapters centering on her doings. She's a tough, likable character, and I think she's good for Jazz. But, honestly, some of the things she did? I just couldn't believe it. A serial killer calls you and starts giving you sick clues to follow? Sure, I can understand trying to appease him so he doesn't, you know, come kill you right now. But she actually goes to a warehouse by herself in the middle of New York, sees graffiti meant specifically for her, and she goes inside the building anyway. I just, I can't even.

I loved the return of Howie; he's kind of the comical relief in the story, and his attempts to hit on Jazz's Aunt Samantha were hilarious. I understand his frustration with his situation, but he's very lighthearted. I really liked the addition of Sam as a character; she's still something of a question mark, but I'm sure we'll find out more about her in the last book in the series. And of course I loved reading Jasper's POV. He's still pretty disturbed about his past, and he's now having a different, sexual dream. I have a few guesses about what these dreams mean, but I'm not sure. He's still a pretty charming guy, and watching his internal struggles with himself really made my heart hurt (especially after Billy screws with his head over the phone). 

There were twists and turns throughout the book, so I never really got bored. Information unfolds slowly about this Game and what it involves. Though we never find out everything about it (like the thing with the crows, what was that about?), hints are placed here and there. I loved the little chapters in the killer's POV. I'm not going to lie - this book seriously creeped me out at times. The murders are more gruesome than they were in I Hunt Killers. I love these books, but they read like adult fiction, so I wouldn't recommend them to a squeamish person. However, if you have a strong stomach and enjoy thrillers, then let me direct you to these stories immediately! 

Barry Lyga's writing is very interesting, and I continue to be fascinated by his knowledge of the inner workings of a sociopath. However . . . I have to say, his choice of ending was cruel. If you think about it, we're left hanging in four different ways, and that is just mean. How am I supposed to wait another year for book 3 to come out?! Well, I guess I'll have to. But I'm not happy about it. 

5 stars