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***WARNING*** Spoilers in this review.

Wow, wow, wow! Lauren Oliver wrote an awesome sequel that I was not disappointed in. 

Her cliffhangers sure are evil, though. I'm not sure I'm be able to wait another year to find out what happens next in Requium (which I had to look up - it means "the Mass celebrated for the repose of the souls of the dead" or "any musical service, hymn, or dirge for the repose of the dead", which I found interesting). 

First, let me just take this moment to scream in all caps: ALEX IS ALIVE!!! Unfortunetly, I knew that he would be throughout the whole book, because my friend (*coughVeggieGirlcough*) spoiled it for me before I started. But the exact time and place where we found out this grand peice of information still got my heart racing. 

Lena was such a different person in this novel than she was in Delirium. I felt like it had switched POVs to some other narrator. The comparion between the new and olds Lenas is staggering. Have to say, though, that I like the new one much better. She's much stronger, smarter and so much less naive. 

I really liked the new characters, specifically Raven and Tack. And the bit we found out about Lena mother? Can't wait to see where that goes. 

I sort of wish this hadn't turned into a love triangle. I am just one of those people who does not like them. Period. While I was reading and Lena was around Julian, my thoughts went something like: "Lena, NO! You love ALEX! He's still ALIVE! And I know you don't know that yet, but STILL!" 

Don't get me wrong. I liked Julian. He seems very sweet. Loveable, even. And knowing that someone who was formally so anti-love, pro-cure has switched sides makes me do a fist pump, because I know it'll help out the resistance (the zombies need to FALL). That being said, he just isn't Alex. He's sort of boring in comparison. Plus, Lena and Julian didn't even know each other for that long. Their relationship was born out of desperation, when they bonded while they were both captured. Lena and Alex fell in love over time and attraction. And even when Lena and Julian kiss, she thinks of Alex and knows that she'll take Julian because he makes her feel better and somewhat happy. In my mind, though, he's second best. 

Lena says that Alex has hardened since the last time she saw him, so I guess that might pose a problem if they wanted to get back togeter (and man, I sure hope that happens. Julian, you should be happy too, but leave Lena and Alex alone). Still, I don't think Alex will go down without a fight as this love triangle plays out with all the drama that most love triangles have. This is clear when he he says his only line in Pandemonium: "Don't believe her." after Lena promises to be and stay with Julian. 

As always, Lauren Oliver's writing is beautiful, and I am positively green with envy. The woman could probably write a book about dirt, and I would freaking love it.